MahiRuham Inaugural - 26-Mar-2016

MahiRuham conducted a Design Challenge event for children between ages 11 to 16, in connection with the Inaugural Ceremony.

It was a buzzing evening, with Inaugural Speech by the founder, Mrs Chitrabhanu, followed by the Keynote Address by the chief guest. The chief guest, Dr Annapurna Padmavathi, HOD, Chemistry Department, PG college of Science, OU, spoke about fireworks and how children can make them easily and safely at home.

Children participated in the event with fizzing enthusiasm. Three to four kids teamed up to make a device which served some purpose. Devices included torch light, gold leaf electroscope, thermometer, fan, periscope and burglar alarm. The interest shown by kids in making the devices and presenting them before the audience was unparalleled. Program came to an end after giving gifts to all the participating children. All the children had a very good sense of achievement after they saw their devices work.

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