Mahiruham - The Knowledge Tree

The name "MahiRuham" is derived from Sanskrit and means 'A Tree'. Since ages, it is seen that, just a cool shade of a tree is enough for any intellectual discussion or knowledge transfer between a Guru and a Disciple. It can create another Issac Newton too!

MahiRuham is The Knowledge Tree which provides a cool and a comfortable shade (support and guidance of professionals) to students in a fruitful way, by helping them grow as enthusiasts, experts and great individuals.

We believe that there is "no age or role restriction to learn", and therefore open our facilities to students as well as the enthusiasts outside institutions.

You can enjoy our services and products as long as you love to learn and grow.

In the existing educational scenario we tend to take books little too seriously and miss treating the practical and application part of it with equal fervour. If you are one of those and think that you missed your bus, MahiRuham is there for you to take you back exactly to the place where you want to explore all over again. We offer products for all concepts relating to your level of expertise. All you have to do is identify the concept you want to learn and we will offer learning experience just right for you.

Our Mission

“To make learning of science enjoyable”

Our Team

Founder and CEO. M.Tech (IIT Delhi), M.Sc Physics (HCU), B.Ed, Child Counselor Chitrabhanu is a well educated and experienced professional settled in Hyderabad. She has done M.Tech in Applied Optics from IIT Delhi. Prior to that she studied M.Sc Physics from HCU. She has also completed B.Ed from IGNOU and is a certified student counsellor from Banjara Academy, Bangalore. She conceived the concept of MahiRuham by putting her two passions together - Children and Science. Experienced in education, engineering and research fields, her network and proficiency will help children connect with real time applications of Science, Math and Technology. She is one of the Academic Advisers to "The Crossword School", Bodhi Educational Academy, Guntur.

Co-Founder : Aruna Kumari is a retired teacher, and has about 40 years of experience as a Telugu Pandit. She has extensive knowledge of literature, plays, poems and classics and is a repository of moral stories. She has a good knowledge of sanskrit language and grammar too. Her advises on classroom management and soft skill training are of a great value to MahiRuham.

Consultant with Mahiruham. Post Doc, TIFR, Hyderabad Postdoctoral fellow from tifr, Hyderabad
Dr Giri has an extensive knowledge about basic principles of science and how to deliver them to children in a simple way. He has been instrumental in designing few experiments in Birla science museum, Hyderabad. Dr Giri is a consultant with Mahiruham and helps in designing experiments based on age and available resources His knowledge and expertise helps Mahiruham to design kits and experiments

Trainer / Designer

Office Coordinator

Our Advisory Board

Dr. Annapurna Padmavathy, Ph.D in Chemistry from IIT Mumbai, Prof. at Osmania University.

M. Chenna Kesava Reddy, M.Tech from IIT Mumbai, Co-founder, The Crossword School.

K. Rajani, M.Sc. Chemistry, B.Ed, Principal Tejasvi Vidyaranya.

Dr. Anita Semwal, Post Doc. in Physics.

The Crossword School, Guntur

Tejasvi Vidyaranya, Hyderabad

Seva Bharati



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