MahiRuham provides a unique private space for students, teachers, and learners to interact with experts. We allow them to participate in creative activities at our private lab and activity centre. MahiRuham team conducts workshops, Quiz, Seminars and Training programs through out the year. You may include yourself in the preset programs or you may request for an activity by defining your needs.


We conduct theme based workshops in schools, junior colleges and communities. Few experiments related to the theme will be demonstrated and the latest trends in industry for that topic will be extensively covered in a presentation. Each workshop is of 2 hour duration and can accommodate 20 to 25 students. Write to us or call us for further information


Have a get together in your community? Want to entertain your family and friends, have an office party? For any group get together, we offer quiz programs which will be fun and entertaining along with imparting some essential knowledge base.

Student Counselling

Please contact us with the need and details of the counselee. Session plan for counselling will be discussed over phone.

Group Counselling

We conduct training and motivational programs for people of all age groups. Wait for our announcements or contact us with your requirement

Contact us if you need any of these activities in your school or community.