MahiRuham believes in tapping potential in people who cannot enrol in main stream employment. We have an empathetic policy to provide opportunity to work on hourly basis, if you are enthusiastic and knowledgeable.

We need knowledgeable and resourceful persons to be part of our core team. We need subject experts, sales & marketing managers, HR and front desk, to be a part of our core team. Please fill in the application form with all your credentials and our recruitment team will contact you.

If you are not an expert, but are enthusiastic to work in the field of science; or if you have less time to devote for work and are nevertheless interested to contribute your small bit, no need to worry. MahiRuham invites you with all respect to be a part of our electron team.

Please fill in the application form along with your suitable timings and we will create an opportunity for you to work part time with us as per your convenience.

If you are looking for

  • Enjoyable Workspace
  • Excellent Career Growth
  • Job Satisfaction

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