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Workshops for High School Students
S.No Classes Terms List of Experiments
1 Class 6 Term 1
1. Vision perception, refraction trick
2. Starch test
3. Light dancing with tunes and toy telephone
4. Hydraulic jack
Term 2 1. Separation of substances
2. Fiber and fabrics
3. Playing with magnets
4. Air pressure
2 Class 7 Term 1 1. Vision perception, refraction trick
2. Colour chemistry
3. Electric circuits and electromagnet
4. Playing with magnets
5. Measurement of speed and centre of gravity
Term 2 1. Shoe box projector
2. Electricity
3. Fibre and fabrics
4. Heat 5. Vacuum cleaner
3 Class 8 Term 1 1. Force and friction
2. Sound 3. Combustion and flame
4. Chemical effects of electric current
5. Metals and non-metals
Term 2 1. Moment of force
2. Time period of a simple pendulum
3. Slime preparation
4. LDR circuit 5. Dispersion of prism, grating, another method for dispersion
4 Class 9 Term 1. Newton’s law
2. Archimedes principle
3. Sound
4. Logic gates
5. Make your spring balance
5 Class 10 Term 1 1. Measuring parameters of electric current, Ohm’s law
2. Mutual induction
3. Deflection of a current carrying conductor in presence of magnetic field
4. Magnetic effects of electric current
5. Self induction
6. How resistance changes with length and area of cross section
7. Sensors
Term 2 1. Refraction of light, TIR, Optical fibre, Tyndal effect, ray diagrams
2. Dispersion and deviation of light using prism
3. Refraction of light with glass slab
4. Focal length and image formation using convex lens
5. Focal length and image formation using concave mirror
6. Change of refractive index in the combination of media and lens maker ‘s formula
7. Why is the sky blue
8. Polarization and diffraction of light, beam splitter

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